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Abrasive Sticks





We cut abrasive block to your required stick size to suit your holders. The block comes in many grits and grades.



Silicon Carbide 'C'.
A free cutting abrasive grit generally recommended for mild steel, cast iron, Bronze and Brass. In finer"400 to 600" the most satisfactory for high surface finish and super finishing.

Aluminium Oxide "MA" type. An alternative abrasive to silicon carbide with longer life but slightly slower in operation.

Bauxilite WA-AA". A special purified type of aluminium oxide having a cool cutting action. Particularly useful on hard materials.

Graphite Impregnated Stone. In 180, 320 and 500 grit size. A super fine finishing grit which will produce a high surface finish on all metals. The 180 and 320 grit sizes can also be used for stock removal on 'pick up' prone materials.

Sulphur Treated "ST". For 'pick up' prone materials i.e. Stainless steels, etc. Add 'ST' after hardness letters.



Grit Size

ROUGH>8=80 10=100 12=120 15=150 18=180 2=220 3=320 4=400 5=500<SMOOTH

The hardness of the bond varies according to the materials to be honed. If a hard material is to be honed, the bond will be soft, this enables the bond to wear as the cutting points on a layer of grit wears away. Where the materials to be honed is soft, the bond will be hard, since the cutting point of the grit will last longer and is not necessary for the bond to wear faster than the grit points. In other words the bond does not enable control to be exercised over the cutting grits. In the stone numbering system the hardness of the bond is indicated by the last letter of the stone number, ranging from (H very soft) - ( Q very hard).











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